$ 18,00

Hanger Steak

With sauteed mushrooms and parmesan mashed potatoes

With white wine & mushrooms

Very hot & spicy, sweet, pepper


with cabbage salad with capsicum relish

with salsa cruda

with romesco sauce

with plum & prune glaze


Saffron scented chantenay carrot, cauliflower & chickpea tagine, watercress, pear, mint & meyer lemon salad, spicy cardamom tahini cream, toasted pistachios

$ 18,00

Pumpkin Curry

Forbidden black rice risotto, anise glazed roasted banana squash, sautée of clamshell mushrooms, bok choy & kohlrabi, lemongrass tofu, kaffir lime & fuyu persimmon salad

Roasted exotic mushroom, carrot & tomato sugo, sautée of portobello mushrooms, Brussels sprouts & shelling beans, parsley & oregano salsa verde, crisp capers

$ 20,00

Creole Tempeh

Blackening spice maple glaze, Creole pepper & tomato stew, garlic mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed kale with caramelized onions & sea vegetable, Dijon cream

Oyster mushroom & sweet potato filling, roasted corn & root vegetable succotash, roasted poblano chile & tequila cream, pumpkin seed, cilantro & habañero emulsion, marinated cabbage & heirloom apple slaw

The Fisherman Restaurant & Catering