Meet the Chef



Chef Steven Pilkanis

Chef Steven Pilkanis came to Alabama in 1983 to set up some lobster tanks for a new restaurant opening in Gadsden. He thought his trip was going to be a two week working vacation. However, one wife, three children and three restaurants later, he’s still here.

Steven graduated Summa Cum Laude in the first graduating class from Johnson & Wales’ new culinary program in Providence. He worked in and around the Boston area before moving to Alabama. Since moving here, he has fed senators, congressmen, bishops and celebrities. Mostly, he just enjoys cooking really great food for the people who come into the restaurant.

If you ask, he’d love to regale you with his stories of cooking in Augusta for seven Masters Golf Tournaments. He also loves cooking with all types of food and cuisines. His current passions are Thai food and Boston Butt.

So, come on in and try his food. It’s really wicked awesome!


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